jueves, 9 de agosto de 2007

Anarchus-Final fall of the gods

Final fall of gods is the first official release of mexican grinders Anarchus, released by Rigid Records in 1990 originally on yellow vinyl. The band selfreleased an alternative version on black vinyl only on Mexico. Final fall of gods was recorded in Mexico City and mixed in Florida USA, at Morrisound Studios by Scott Burns.
Anarchus here are brutal and noisy: Some death metal traces can be found here and there, distorted guitars, downtuned bass, screaming distorted vocals and drum changes from insane blasts to midpaced parts. The lyrics are about socio-politics and anti religion, the production is raw and unfortunately Burns work doesn't make any sense, but what the hell, there s no need for perfect clean sound, this is grind!
1. Flowers to the pigs
2. Final fall of the gods
3. Ishavet Kaller
4. The entity in the room
5. Creation of a religion
6. Jesus Christ (Impostor)

Anarchus-Final fall of the gods 7" 

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