domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

Lost In darkness Acanto "Ignis Profanus"

Hi! from Medellin-Colombia this one is

the Ep 2010 Acanto "Ignis Profanus" of the band 

Lost In darkness



Info and Lyrics


The melancholy, the disquiet, to be walking along

the path in company of the death.


Singing, proclaiming, suffering in his honor.


Immortalizing our fierce scream of despair

under the profane fire where are no dreams,

where is no life.


Under the profane fire where we will never die!



with funereal chants in spanish and latin,

 from our EP - Acanto "Ignis Profanus”.


Listen, or just endure them.


¡Ignis Profanus!


¡Non Réquies!


¡Non Vita!


¡Ignis Profanus!


¡Non Omnis Moriar!





I- Missa Defunctuorum

II - Mis Ultimas Palabras

III - Tormento

IV- Acanto "Ignis Profanus"

V- Adagietto

VI- Funeral

VII- Lachrymorum

VIII- Tenebra



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