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WITCHHUNTER was a mexican death/thrash metal band, the year the band was formed is unknown but it must have been before 1988 because they were friends and also played with another mexican death band called TORMENTOR which in 1988 they changed their name to SHUB NIGGURATH( a cult mexican death metal band).

WITCHHUNTER recorded their first and only demo "INMORTAL DREAMS" on April 15 of 1990 on Aguascalientes(Mexico), this demo contains 4 tracks which all of them have a raw, aggressive and really dark sound in the veins of the early SEPULTURA, MORBID ANGEL and DARK ANGEL, this is the track list:

Die without Solution: The demo starts with
this really fast and kick-ass song, you can hear the clear influences of MORBID ANGEL specially on the lyrics with phrases like this: "Caught by the forces of evil, you'll scream, damn and the mercy will not arrive" (Better be beware posers), by the riffing part it seems to be highly influenced by DARK ANGEL specially by the high speed of this song.

Satan Worship: This song is also great and it reminded me a lot of the Morbid Visions of SEPULTURA, the way he sings the words and the musical style is quite similar to "Troops of Doom".

Master of Death: The demo continues with this ripping and sinister song, in my opinion is the darkest one of the demo you can immediately feel the rage and fury that this band wanted to transmit.

Inmortal Dream: Finally the demo concludes with another great song that will make cry any poser who listens to it. I think that it's the fastest song full of dark and aggressive guitar riffs taken from the DARK ANGEL school, also the drum lines make a great work, they will make your brain explode and by the lyrics it seems that they have taken it by their evilest thoughts.
It's really sad to see that a band of this caliber couldn't get the support to record and official album but at least they left us with this amazing demo.

Complete discography

Witchhunter _ Witchhunter  demo 1989
Witchhunter _ Procreation of Souls demo 1992

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sonidonitro dijo...

Sobres Hay va el Demo Saludos !


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Buena banda Iniciadora de un Metal Agresivo y chingon.

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q bueno para escucharlo, gracias sonidonitro