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death metal in guadalajara mexico




DRAKKAR: THRASHCORE 1987: The living proof of the true technothrash metal from one of the seminal bands from Mexico and the first ones in Guadalajara, hyper fast and technically perfect, they called themselves Thrashcore.

-DRAKSEN: FROM BEYOND 1989:The next ultra brutal and fastest release, many sites claim them as Death/thrash but is only by their rawness and fast brutality reflected in this legendary demo, From Beyond will take you to another step in mexican metal. Some guy of Soothsayer amazed for the band due their close sound ala Thanatos!!!!!...

-HARDWARE: DEMO: The incredible mix between cyber/death/prehispanic metal only available and the first band with these concepts and mix them together were this guys if you heard of them and their mythic rawness and evil lyrics this is your chance.

-HARDWARE: SOULS VORTEX: from the master tape of the now legendary 7" and out of print relic, here you have the complete re-mixed and re-mastered 7" as it was intented to be, if you have the chance try this masterpiece of brutal/cyber death metal.

-HARDWARE: LIVE 1992: from the soundboard: Rarest of all the bootleg tapes of Hardware, even we don't know if there's another like this one, full crowded live presentation, incredible brutal and raw sound...extreme death metal is their second name of these guys.

-TWITCH:WATCHERS OUT OF TIME 1989: legendary and contemporary of the Draksen era, these kids played some tech/thrash much in the vein of Sepultura/Wrath , incredible sound and of course one of the most requested demos here.

-SERPIENCOATL: S/T: The incredible progressive thrash metal project (ala Voivod) but instead futuristic lyrics the guys switched to prehispanic and epic times, former members of Twitch/Devaster, a must have for all those who want a true mexican metal outfit.

-PENTAGRAM: DISAPPEAR IN THE OBSCURITY: Death Satanic mexican metal forefathers, incredible brutal and well done demo, a total legend and cult one, if you could mix early Sodom/Mayhem you have the idea of what are you missing.

-TENEBRARUM: HORROR: Demonic and evil demo of the mexican equivalent of Brazil's Sarcofago, incredible fast and furious death metal, pretty well played and with some gruesome lyrics ever!.

-D.C.O.: LIVE UNDER THE DICK (FORMER MEMBERS OF DRAKSEN/HARDWARE): The funniest rehearsal of one of the pioneers of the grind/crust metal ever, much in the vein of Wheremacht...this guys deserved an album...it'a jem, the hidden treasure of the uncompromising path to the void, but lucky for you we have this recording.

-D.C.O.: LIVE FOR BEER, DIE DRUNK: more depraved songs and twisted vocals make this one another unkindred cult item.

-BRUTAL (LATER HARDWARE): BRUTAL DEATH OF A CAIFAN REH.: If you think in Mexico the legacy of S.O.D. and Wheremacht is just a childplay, let me tell you this band is the mature progression of what leaved D.C.O., only with more grind ala old Napalm Death/Terrorizer mixed up with Hardcore tempos...incredible cool and very hard to find mowdays.

AMNESIA: Incredible speed metal band live recording, great sound and very thight, female bass player made this band a legend...recorded live in a High School in early 1987. And one of our rarest items.

CRUCIFIED: Agressive and dirty hyper thrash metal, in the vein of Exodus "Bonded by blood" era, this is such a discovery, some of the original guitar players lend us this gem for you to discover, get amazed as we still do.

VEXSER: Heavy Metal band forefathers of all Guadalajara, if you close your eyes and remember the first time you heard Ratt and/or Motley Crue this is the Guadalajara answer to them, well done demo and over all, one of the first band to record one in a semi-professional studio, a must for al the true headbangers.

EXXUS: The second comandment for you to get this CD demo, they were one of the first bands to put (along with Vexser)) a professional recording, very heavy, very metal, and of course enjoyable 100%.

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