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Aphses - Escape From The Agony [1994]

Band born at 1993, with 2 members Jesus Arturo Gonzalez and Erasmo Avalos later extreme to the group Juan Roberto Coronado and we recruit later, to Guillermo Cobos, the band after formed, the volume direction musically speaking within vein of metal but within one of its heavy currents but as thrash is it death-grind metal, music is made up of combination of several types of rates, is to say goes from a rate heavy to grind metal happening through its different facets, as soon as wing voice is with guttural sounds and noise like demons , speaking the one of the letter of the songs deal with which they are subjects of war, policy, death, social conscience; the ideology of the band is to show, publish a new point about the Earth life and the problems that with take when being in this world.

Aphses has alternated with different bands from the passage of the years as Argentum, Cenotapht, Mortuary, Infestation, Coprofagía, Demolish, Deadly Dark, Black Vomit, Panteon, Masochism, Severance, Crossing Death, Dyslexia, Mortem, Rabia, Conviccion, Hecatombe, Noctambulism, Mausoleo Chakal, Tretralogia de Fallot, Solitude, Cronic Infection, Canavis Ativa, Label Ritual, Orgone, Lenguas Muertas, etc.

In 1995 from is decided to record its first brutal independent production with 10 songs of ¨Escape from the agony¨ total death grind thrash metal, we recorded at Monterrey in Apex studios, after having a great acceptance and to sell but of 500 copies in all the country and leaves from the foreigner, We touch in several cities promoting this recording such as Monterrey, Matamoros; Saltillo, Tampico, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, etc.

In addition we record a video clip ¨Introspection¨ in “Television Universitaria” under the direction of Carmen Quiroga that was exhibiting in Latin Mtv in the program “Head Bangers ball” directed by Alfredo; the video was in circulation like 1 year, in different programs such as Raiz Sonica, 120 Minutes, among others.

And thus the band stayed until 1997, when material new tapeworm and was decided to record again and independently in 1998 at Apex studios with Ing. Alejandro Tamez, with 8 songs and this material we take by name ¨Hatred¨ selling but of 1500 copies in all the country and leaves from the foreigner, again going in tour with this material by 2 years, alternating itself with national and international bands.

In all this time the band continued producing new songs with fast a deadly noise until there are end of the 2000, 10 new songs were invented but, which thought tapeworm to record itself in the 2002, but arose problems, the guitarist Guillermo Cobos decided to leave the band by personal reasons, then because the group continued trying and looking for another guitarist, when happening of the time several people were proving themselves, but no successfully in this course arose 2 concerts with Cenotaph and Ravager and requested aid is Guillermo for these concerts.

After a series of months they arose certain problems from high level, in the quarter of test, lost certain instruments (guitar and bass)at Aphses room's, then Guillermo blame, is Jesus Arturo them to have robbed other friends along with, of the same one; he did this without no test, only with suppositions and without proving nothing, then east guitarist summoned is Juan R. Coronado and formed a complot against Jesus Arturo, had there are these reasons and other; but Jesus Arturo and Erasmo Avalos decided to follow with the band in another place with another alignment and new instruments an new Ideology.

Then Aphses unemployment by a lapse of 1 year or little more, but in which together again all the instruments place and members, everything became has to join for the 2003, but the members even were about to be decided, pierced several people inside of as it was: Rolando Samano, Fabricio, and Rigo Santana that by musical differences and type forms of work; single were around of 2 months even without finding people, continued trying by some weeks until which contact Maikol to enter in the bass , that to its time he present/display to us, Rolando who enter into the vocals and later enter Orlando in other guitar thus being it completes the band again, trying continuously removed all the songs already recorded and not recorded all again altogether, improving some anomalies in the songs and producing new songs, for ours third recording that more likely is in the 2004 -2005; the details of the new songs fluctuate of fast and aggressive a way but which are 10 songs, which they will have appeared throughout the 2003 and 2004 and this is the new image of Aphses, a professional and mature image but after 10 years and just a little bit more, in the years of 2003-2007 the band had sereveral changes some members of the band are changed, Aphses going out in this years about 19 states of Mexico to playing the aphses songs,at 2007 we have a new Record and we will go on the road again........ At that time we traveling in the all underground of the world-wide scene of the metal.

Country of origin: Mexico
Location: Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas
Formed in:1992
Genre:Death Metal/Grindcore

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