domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

Foeticide - War, Domain And Torment [2002]

Foeticide - War, Domain And Torment [2002]
Alejandro Ruxxo - Vocals, Bass
Miguel Angeles - Guitar
Erandy Resendez aka Erandevil - Bass
Humberto Demon - Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered at M.A.T. Studio by Miguel Angeles

This CD has the participation of invited several musicians, belonging to bands like CENOTAPH, DEW OF NOTHING, ZAMAK, mark the official return of Foeticide to the stages of the scene death metal in Mexico.

Tracks 11-12 are bonus tracks ("Foetal Necropsy" previously appears on "Life and Death", Demo, 1994; "Nightmares of Dreams" appears on pre-Foetus band's Impure Surgery "Nightmares of Dreams", demo, 1990)

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