lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2013

Argentum-Stigma Mortuorum (2001)


Argentum started out in 1989 under the moniker Burial
and have built up a vast fan base. This group is nothing
short of sheer class.
They have an old school style of funeral doom/black metal
that is both complex and sophisticated.

In their two decades together,they have released two demos
along with 1996's "Ad Inheritum Funebrarum" and 2001's
 "Stigma Mortuorum." Added to their mystique is their penchant
 for Latin poetry and band member names and descriptions that
evoke a dark, medieval feel. Their vocalist Khabee is un real,
sounding like a prophet of the great pestilence.

This band is currently active, but long overdue for a new album.
 They have been writing new songs and promise all their fans
 on their  Facebook page that it won't be long, since they get
hundreds of communiques demanding new tour dates, shirts and
especially some new tracks. They're keeping everyone in the dark,
issuing cryptic messages on their wall saying "New material
has been postponed due to the sheer violence in making the CD."

Check out these Monterrey legends below. 

Argentum-Stigma Mortuorum (2001) 320 KBPS

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