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The Zephyr "Impure & Divine" (1998)

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The Zephyr "Impure & Divine" (1998)


                                The Zephyr "Impure & Divine" (1998) 320 KBPS


Bellphegoth was made by Cesar,Michel and mauricio at the end of 1993 having lots of gigs of what the metal scene was at that time at the south of the city In 1995 the bands would change name into THE ZEPHYR also with the adderance of new personel A year after 1996 they commited their first assault a must to all bands in the late 90's a demo called Celestial Evil God edited by vision d recs then by toaj recs following the underground they increased their live performance due to this the well known (since that time)

latinoamerican label American Line decided to support the band and in 1997 thezephyr's first LP is named Impure & Divine showing a grown up style which is the band's characteristic

More than well recieved this album was worldwide spreaded the band suffered the come of a new millenium and all of its new trends but continued with the first and only conviction: to make cult to metal music and then sharing stage with international acts that visited Mexico in the late 90's

5 years later after their first release in 2003 a new album is to meet the light Fake Measured Smile again supported by American Line comfirming their level and the evolution of the unique style that defines

THE ZEPHYR itself the same year the band would have their first lineup change and a couple of drummers would ocuppy that place for the next 4 years. Towards the 2007 the original line up plots a new recording but the plan is left to wait untill 2013 year that promisses a new release to be abounced by this metalic legendary band

THE ZEPHYR death/black metal from MEXICO City

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