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Toxodeth –Mysteries About Life & Death

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Toxodeth –Mysteries About Life & Death (1990)

This is a brutal classic Mexican metal release, that verges on technical death/thrash (what with all of the guitar solos, and guitar god riffing). The recording is totally raw & evil sounding, and sounds as though it was recorded in a dark black cave in one take. The vox border on pre black metal. It's Hard to believe these guys were a 3 band , and had been around since 1983. This has some elements of Possessed for sure.
The cover art is great, so minimalistic and gloomy looking.
Mexico has always been a place with millions of underground metal supporters, I guess its just rare that you hear of a Mexican band in the USA. Obscure and Classic

                                       Toxodeth –Mysteries About Life & Death (1990) 320 kbps 

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