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Dark Half – Reborn

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Dark Half – Reborn 320 kbps CD

Dark Half
Album: Reborn
Year: 1992
Release Date August 9th, 1992
Label Avanzada Metalica
Genre Death Thrash Metal
Quality 320 kbps

These guys came from Ciudad Juarez (the border town opposite
El Paso in Texas) and celebrated raw Thrash death. They founded
the band in 1990 and recorded in the same year the demo "Death comes true".

The CD followes in 1992 and has English lyrics, which are typical Death Metal.
But the music is still in the more extreme Thrash area, with great rattling guitars.

DARK HALF is formerly known as DEATH WARRANT. This band
from the now probably most dangerous city in the world
Juarez, Mexico)
makes honor to that infamous title; with a
great dose of old school deathrash in the vein of early
KREATOR or SEPULTURA. Released many years ago, this has
been finally rebornto take your soul!
Heavy metal, good metal, shall be available for the new
generations to discover. Specially, when great releases as
this were created, thus back in the day not that well

Unfortunately labels close, bands disappear or
change and former members seem to forget the great music
they once madethus, this intention to preserve great metal
music in a tribute form, with the original sound restored
to fit on compact disc and a presentation this jewels
deserve. Again, this are made available in a limited
quantity, yet still the in right one to find metal
connoisseurs that appreciate the effort made. For those
seeking for the glorious past times.

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