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Deadly Dark (mex)–Chaotic Omen

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                  Deadly Dark (mex)–Chaotic Omen

If one would dissect their name, the 'deadly' could refer to the sharpness of the mid-ranged guitars, and the 'dark' representing the predominance and depth of the bass elements that give the doomy presence that this slowed down death metal relies upon.

This tape has it's interesting moments, and its more
 crushingly doom-laden moments, and with the addition of the muffled/distorted vocals, this Mexican band completes its identity. But having recorded their  first demo over a decade ago, you'd assume that if Deadly Dark was going to make a name for themselves, it would have happened by now. 

Deadly Dark (mex)–Chaotic Omen

release (8 tracks) of this trinity in the persona of
Pedro Guevarra(guit/vox),
Victor Gutierrez(drums) &
Juan Lara(gut/bass).

And this is Deadly Metal indeed!!! It's in a purer metal and they attain a natural brutality without trying in infuse other styles or insert extreme grinding just to prove the brutality. It's more into early heavy thrash but they can slow things down at will. This album has a main topic about extra terrestial terror. So be aware for the deadliness of the dark might come not from this world!!! .

Deadly Dark (mex)–Chaotic Omen

Platica con Pedro Guevarra and Juan Lara  of 
Deadly Dark  mp3

En radio cuchillo eseee vatoo!!!


this is a deadly trio! This is a bit rawer but has the same thrashy metal power! 

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