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Gilgamesh - Demo 1 '95

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Gilgamesh - Demo 1 '95 (Demo) 1995

Mexico's first all-female Death Metal band, Gilgamesh made a tiny splash back in 1995 with their release of a lone four-track demo. I'm not quite sure what direction these guys girls are heading, but it's somewhere between the two extremes of doom and grind.

Often times, the listener is subject to painfully slow, entrancing riffing, while others we're hit with a nonstop barrage of feminine brutality.

The riffing is very well done and distinctly prominent, giving this demo a unique edge (quite literally!) making it a short, but enjoyable listen all around.

If I didn't know a chick was doing the vocals, I would have thought they were the gutturals of a male vocalist.

This demo is ridiculously heavy and hard-hitting for a trio of women, and it's a shame they weren't able to put out more material!

Gilgamesh - Demo 1 '95 (Demo) 1995 320 kbps

2 comentarios:

Edwin Martínez dijo...

Gracias por resubir este demo. lo había estado buscando y casualmente entre a este mismo blog hace un par de meses y el link estaba muerto. Ya lo descargué!! Gracias!!

chavo dijo...

Gracias por el demo. Lo compre en el 95 en cd sahagun hidalgo. Bueno volver a escucharlo. \m/